Share your data effortlessly with RCS Data Exchange

RCS Data Exchange is the coolest, most efficient way to send your Selector or GSelector data to other users. With Data Exchange, there is no need to create backup disks, attach files to an email or wrestle with clogged Inboxes and blocked file attachments. Whether you are sending your database to yourself at home to tweak over the weekend or collaborating with colleagues around the world, Data Exchange gets your important data to the people who need it.

When you send data with Data Exchange, you specify the email address of the user(s) you want to receive the data. The Selector or GSelector software packages your data and encrypts it with a private password of your choosing. You also give this password to your recipients. The encrypted file is then securely sent to a central file server at RCS. At that point, an email notification is sent to each recipient you specified containing the unique ID of that database. The recipient just types the ID, the password and their email address into their Selector or GSelector softare. They choose whether to create a new database on their computer or to overwrite an existing database. After downloading, the RCS software updates the software license for the new data automatically.

Data Exchange is built into Selector version 12.53, Selector XV, Selector SQL and GSelector. It is compatible with all Internet connections including broadband, LAN, 3G/4G and dial-up, and normally works through corporate firewalls with no configuration needed. There is currently no limit to the disk space you are allocated on the server.

Data Exchange even facilitates an off-site backup for your important databases. Send yourself a copy of your data periodically and it will be available even if your hard drive crashes or if unpredictable circumstances impair your station's normal operations. No one can access your database's contents except those whom you have given the password. When you log into the RCS web site, you can see who has downloaded your data by signing into My Data Exchange.

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