Schedule Links like Songs

Linker is the world's most widely-used promo scheduler and the companion product to Selector music scheduling.

Linker handles the often overlooked, but critically important non-musical elements on your station. It schedules and rotates promos, jingles, liners, sweepers, intros, beds, public service announcements, live scripts or special effects. Linker lets you have total control over the scheduling of these important items on a station log.

More Features and Functions

With groundbreaking innovations in Link management such as Flight Scheduling, Tagged Links, Affidavits, and script editing, Linker also offers you the ability to import a common music and linker log to your automation system.

Bringing the Spots into the Music Log

Linker imports your Selector music log with your station's traffic schedule to provide one fully integrated log containing all songs, promos and commercials which can be played directly to air from Master Control or any major automation system. Linker stands above all non-music schedulers on the market.

Easy to Learn

Because Linker was based on the highly successful Selector platform, once you've learned Selector, you can operate Linker like a pro. With Linker being only one click away and inside certain shared windows, Linker and Selector are fully integrated.

World Class Support

Our Support department is legendary. All the people who help you solve your day to day problems are radio people, too. RCS Support never sleeps and is always open 24/7/365 for Linker users worldwide.


  • Schedule your links (promos, jingles, drop-ins) as precisely and effortlessly as Selector schedules your music.
  • Import spots from your traffic system to create a full chronological log of all broadcast elements - music, links and spots.
  • Report to copyright/rights agencies using comprehensive reporting tools.
  • Print an alphabetical or chronological copy book for the studio.
  • See and change songs, links and spots simultaneously in the Log Editor.
  • Schedule links and songs using tempo or texture matching between element types.
  • Use Linker for non-music formats to control the flow and content of news, sports and news/talk stations.
  • Keep separations of Talent voices in stop-sets or within the hour.
  • Harness the power of Linker's multi-user, fully network ready platform.
  • Employ Linker's power to schedule tagged songs and links.
  • Create a flight schedule in Selector to schedule songs like spots.

Technical Requirements (Version 3.15 & higher)

Operating System

  • Windows XP® Professional, Server 2003, Windows 7 Professional and Enterprise (32 and 64-bit), Windows 8, Server 2008 (32 and 64-bit), Server 2008 64-bit or Windows Server 2012
  • SQL version: 2012 (32/64bit), 2005, 2008 or 2008 R2 (64bit) SQL engines
  • CPU - 3GHz (P4)
  • RAM - 2GB / 4GB if hosting the database

These are minimum requirements, so feel free to exceed them. Get as much power and free space as you can. For Internet connectivity and servers, RCS supports a Microsoft® network using TCP/IP using a brand name, server quality computer.

Please contact RCS for site specific hardware configurations if you have further questions.


What is Linker?

Linker is a software program designed especially for organizing, rotating, scheduling and reporting non-music elements on your radio station.

What kinds of non-music elements can Linker handle?

Linker rotates and schedules promos, breaks, liners, links, jingles, drop-in elements, news reports, traffic, weather, or any other live or recorded elements you would like to create and schedule within the music log of your station. We call these element links.

Will it take me long to learn Linker?

No, Linker is based on the exact same methodologies and task orientation as Selector®, so once you've learned Selector you know how to use Linker.

What advantages does Linker give me when used with Selector that I will miss without having Linker?

You will miss the advantage of having your music log scheduled perfectly around your other elements. Plus, there are some great features that Linker and Selector share - when they are loaded together on your machine. One is Flight Scheduling of music. You can schedule your music the same way you would a commercial schedule. And also, a great new feature: Tags. Tags let you schedule adjacent specific promos to specific songs, so that every time they play, they play together. Tags are great for concert promotions and special artist weekends.

What other advantages are there in Linker?

You can easily import spots from your traffic system to create a full chronological log of everything that will be on your station. Talk about exact timing!

Can Linker help me verify that a certain client's advertising ran on the air?

Yes, Linker's comprehensive reporting tools let you easily and quickly print the times and dates promos were scheduled on your air.

What about live copy, can Linker help me there?

Yes, Linker lets you print a copy book of the live promos and announcements entered and scheduled in Linker. With some automation systems (like RCS Master Control and many others), you can even send them to a screen for paperless studio operation.

Can Linker help me schedule my breaks better?

Yes, with tempo controls, you can control the flow of the kinds of promos or jingle you are scheduling. With talent codes on your announcements, you can protect the same voices being heard in the break.

Can I be working on music, while my Promotion Manager is working on the promos to be aired?

Yes, Linker and Selector®are multi-user enabled and fully networkable.

Can Linker be used by non-music stations?

Yes, many News, Talk and Sports stations rely on Linker to manage and schedule openers, intros, sponsor mentions and production elements. By rotating your promos properly through each program, you will get the most from your schedule with Linker.