Airwaves Traffic Suite

Airwaves Traffic

Airwaves Traffic is the core product in the Airwaves Suite of products. Airwaves Traffic, used in more than 45 countries, is ready to serve your traffic needs. Airwaves Traffic's robust scheduling engine runs as many as 60 stations - from one database.

Airwaves Traffic is a multi-station traffic system with a myriad of scheduling, billing and reporting options. Airwaves Traffic contains a cutting edge copywriting system. Airwaves Traffic is supplied with customized contracts, invoices, statements and affidavits. Airwaves Traffic helps you manage clients, prospects and sales team call activity.

Airwaves Online

Airwaves Online is a fully featured web based solution that empowers your sales staff with the information and tools they need to do their job better. The highly secure Airwaves Online puts the power into the hands of the seller (no matter where they are) - a distributed sales force need not be isolated!

Airwaves Online sees everything in the Airwaves Traffic database. Instant updates on inventory, client data, rate changes, status of approval of proposals, call information, commission reports and account information. Airwaves Online gives the sales person the information they need without interrupting your traffic people, back at the station. Credit controllers can access data they need - right online, making approvals come faster. The interaction between management, traffic and sales comes together with Airwaves Online.

Airwaves Online integrates with 3rd party R&F engines in two countries. It imports quarter hour impact data to use in planning/scheduling. Additionally, Airwaves lets you import PPM data to manage writing proposals, schedules and reports with GRP, (Gross Rating Points). This commitment to working with audience data enables radio companies to sell their clients the right plan, deliver it and provide accountability.

Airwaves Online provides pipeline reporting, because all the proposals and advertising information is in one database. Live avails are presented behind the spot entry. So, oversell is minimized and available time is sold! You don't lose the buy because you didn't have inventory. Current rates are used by default and any manual variation is monitored. You are on top of your business like never before.

Airwaves Airmail

This product enables an Airwaves Booking house to talk to remote Airwaves Traffic databases by electronic transfer of contacts and bookings to multiple sites. Booking houses and agencies can book spots on hundreds of stations seamlessly. All scheduling data is automatically returned providing (by spot affidavit) information for all stations combined in a report, while maintaining the one contract to invoice aspect for the national client.

World Class Support

Our Support department is legendary. All the people who help you solve your day to day problems are radio people, too. RCS Support never sleeps and is always open 24/7/365 for Airwaves users worldwide.


  • Airwaves Traffic

    • Combine your multi-station traffic and invoicing system in one easy-to-use program.
    • Manage your clients
    • Controls scheduling and invoicing
    • Edits and store scripts
    • Output instant sales reports to streamline communications
  • Airwaves Online

    • Airwaves Online, a web application for account managers, creates proposals online and submits them to Airwaves Traffic for review and scheduling.
    • View avails for stations online; warnings will be displayed for days that are oversold or close to sell out.
    • View Client details including credit and account balance information and see client sales figures for past months.
    • Enter client calls, and print reminder reports to follow-up on sales leads.
  • Airwaves AirMail

    • Integrate Airwaves traffic data between Booking House and Scheduling Station databases.
    • Reduce data entry and eliminates double-handling of contracts.
    • Return aired times and aired tapes to the Booking House for reconciliation and affidavit management.
    • Manage corporate client expenditures and industry data along with demographic data.
    • Invoice centrally (Booking House carries the debt) or locally (Scheduling Station carries the debt).
    • Manage Booking House booking fees, discounts and commissions.
    • Manage sales and client information.
    • Provide comprehensive up-to-the-minute reporting.

Technical Requirements


  • Windows 2003 Server
  • Windows 2000 Server
  • Windows XP Professional


  • Windows XP Professional
  • Windows 2000 Professional


No other operating systems are supported.

Other Software Required:

  • MS SQL Server 2005. The Express edition is available for smaller radio stations please discuss with your RCS support staff.
  • MS Office 97, 2000, XP with ODBC Drivers - for exporting data to Word for mail merge letters, and Excel for charts, etc.

Microsoft Outlook:

Airwaves reports and scripts emailed to a MAPI format, and for Airwaves Online (rejections notes), Microsoft Outlook is the only e-mail product supported. Also, an exclusive e-mail account is required on one Airwaves PC - if you will be using the AirMail email feature of Version 5 to send or receive remote AirMail bookings. Outlook Express is not supported.


What is Airwaves?

Airwaves Traffic controls commercial scheduling and invoicing, edits and stores scripts, provides instant sales and revenue projection reports. It manages clients, contacts and client calls.

What is Airwaves Online?

Airwaves Online is a web application with controlled access to the Airwaves database. This allows Account Managers to create proposals online, submit them to Airwaves Traffic for review and scheduling - with no re-keying! View station avails, search the Client Directory, and view client details for credit/account balance information and past sales figures. Enter client calls, and print follow-up reports for sales leads. Review proposals and print projected proposal revenue reports - according to your permissions as account manager. Your Sales team manager can gain access to review team members' records, anywhere, anytime, all via your web browser.

What businesses benefit most from Airwaves?

Radio/TV stations, booking houses for contract/schedule management and accounts receivable all benefit. Creative teams for script management and Sales teams for client management.

How does Airwaves manage my client database?

Airwaves maintains a database of clients information. The database tracks clients, prospects, and business contacts, Airwaves log sales calls and provides follow-up reminders for sales people. It categorizes and sorts clients as needed for targeted mail merge, direct mailing of newsletters, special event invitations or announcements.

How are contracts handled?

Contracts are entered into Airwaves, or submitted from Airwaves Online to the ReviewBox for review and acceptance. Default codes from clients can be used to make data entry fast and accurate. Copy and Repeat functions help speed your work.

For example, one spot line can be split automatically across multiple stations. You can enter contracts as far into the future as needed - there is no time limit for future scheduling. Chargelines invoice package contracts and production fees, while Costlines track station costs for net revenue reporting.

What about scheduling?

All commercials are scheduled when entered, so available time reports are instant and always up-to-the-minute. Amending schedules is done by simply dragging and dropping spots directly on to the log. Client and product clashes are automatically highlighted. Schedules can be printed or exported to RCS Master Control or various other automation systems. Aired times for commercials can be imported from RCS Master Control or other automation systems for reconciliation.

What reports are available?

Airwaves reports include:

  • Schedules reports
  • Sales and revenue projection reports
  • Budget reports
  • Commission reports
  • Accounting reports

Reports can be displayed in a spreadsheet or graph format. With Airwaves' reporting system, you can compare sales/budgets by month/year - identify top clients and slow payers.

What about invoicing?

Within Airwaves, there is a complete Accounts Receivable system to handle invoicing, receivable amounts and overdue reports. Invoices and Statements can be customized with your company logo. Overdue account details can be exported for mail merge letters.

How does it handle scripts?

In the Copywriting section of Airwaves, scripts can be written and attached to the contracts and tape/cart/digital file for instant recall. It integrates completely with Microsoft Word® for full editing functionality. Print scripts or email them directly to the client for approval.

How can Airwaves make my communications faster?

Airwaves Traffic provides an optional module called, "Airmail". This module gives you the ability to send email communications to Booking Houses and Advertising Agencies. This added feature eliminates the "double-handling" of data, which saves you time and gives the client instant input. Airmail promotes accuracy and makes the process more efficient.

What type of computer do I need to run Airwaves?

See our Technical Requirements page for details.