RCS software is used by more than 14,500 radio stations, TV music channels, cable companies, satellite music networks and Internet stations worldwide. RCS is the world's largest broadcast software company. The company also provides broadcasters and webcasters tools and expertise and also develops real-time audio recognition technology.

Company Overview

In 1979, RCS opened its doors with the first version of Selector® designed for music radio stations wanting to have more control over their song rotations, while maintaining balance and creating variety. Within the first year, Selector had its first station, the NBC owned FM station in San Francisco. RCS invented music scheduling.

RCS saw the need for a sister program to help programmers and sales departments schedule promotional announcements and jingles, or "links" as coined by RCS, so Linker® was created.

In 1993, RCS introduced another innovation, its first complete on-air digital studio automation system called Master Control. The new automation system, along with Selector and Linker, completed the digital paperless studio for radio stations everywhere.

Within the last decade, RCS has reinvented the way broadcasters approach their craft with the newest in a long line of software products. A hallmark of RCS from the beginning was the need to base refinements and improvements driven by its loyal customers and experienced 'power' users of the products.

From GSelector, the world's most advanced multi-station scheduling system, to Zetta the award-winning digital advanced radio playout - automation system, to our advanced traffic software Aquira, to RCS News, the complete news production software, RCS has a complete suite of software products for today’s media outlet.

The next generation of software applications will focus on the mobile device and tablet computing. RCS, once again, is pioneering with Selector2GO and Zetta2GO. With the mobile initiative, RCS will put the power of its software in the hands of every user no matter where they might be.

RCS software solutions are more advanced, extremely reliable, comfortably intuitive and expediently flexible and are backed up by a world-class support team. RCS provides 24/7 support and assistance to all users in more than 130 countries.

RCS Executives

RCS World Headquarters

Philippe Generali President & CEO

Philippe Generali is the President/CEO of RCS worldwide. He joined RCS USA in 1996 as Product Manager and served as Vice President of Operations. In 2000, Philippe was promoted to President of RCS.

In 2003, he created a new division, Media Monitors, the highly successful market research company that employs RCS fingerprinting technology with several data production centers around the world. In 2007, Philippe added the duties of President/CEO of Florical Systems division, a leading television automation company. In 2010, he took the helm of Mediabase and then in 2012 brought HitPredictor into the Mediabase family.

Prior to moving to the United States, Generali was the head of RCS Europe, where he spearheaded the company's growth for more than a decade. Generali is an established leader in computer technology and management, stemming from his early school days in radio, with a technical engineering background. He was the driving force behind the US music research index, Mscore and the listening analysis tool, Audience Reaction for which he was recently granted several patents.

He is a member of the EGTA and sits on the IRTS board. He holds a degree in Math/Physics from the University of Orleans, and a Masters of Engineering from ENAC in France.

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Chip Jellison EVP, Technology & Development

Chip Jellison is the EVP of Technology and Development leading our worldwide software development efforts across RCS, Media Monitors (Aircheck), Mediabase, Florical Systems, Test All Media and Hit Predictor. Before joining RCS, he got his start in broadcasting at Precision Media in southern New Hampshire. While with the company, he learned the broadcasting craft moving from on air positions to more back office operational tasks including light engineering, production, music and traffic scheduling and keeping the computers running at the station.

In 1998, he joined Prophet Systems and quickly joined the development team on the Audio Wizard product, taking over Product Management and coding. He also joined the NexGen Digital development team early on taking on Product Management, and eventually leading the development team. During 2006, he worked with Philippe Generali on merging Prophet Systems into RCS and assumed his current position in 2007 when that merger was complete.

In his current role of the head of Technology and Development, he works with a first class team of product managers and developers to produce the next generation of tools to help our clients grow their business.

Always the inventor, Chip is listed in over 15 issued patents and more than 20 pending patent applications. Additionally he creates utilities that help RCS clients better leverage our suite of products. These can be found on the support download page located on rcsworks.com. These utilities include AFC Launcher, Zetta Status Monitor, RCS2vCreative (an interface to vCreative for Zetta) and Zetta Crowd Interface.

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Mike Powell SVP, International Operations and Chief Compliance Officer

Mike Powell is a former British newspaper and radio journalist who hosted top-rated morning shows on several UK music radio stations before transitioning to station management. He was Program Director of County Sound (Guildford, UK) from 1984 to 1986 and then CEO from 1986 to 1991 - growing the group to eight radio stations. His innovations at County Sound included being the first UK radio station to use RCS Selector 24 hours a day and introducing the UK's first gold format radio station. Powell designed the programming for award-winning station, Fox FM (Oxford) - a joint venture with Capital Radio (London).

After taking County Sound to a full UK stock market listing, he departed to form radio investment, research and management company, Infinity Radio, which set up Pirate FM (Cornwall) with Powell as launch CEO. Infinity then merged with UKRD Group where Mike became CEO - eventually building the group to well over 20 radio stations and associated companies.

While running UKRD, Powell played a key role in launching Manchester's Kiss 102 and served as launch CEO of Berkshire's Star FM, which was joint launch customer in the UK for RCS Master Control. In 1995, he launched the new County Sound Radio Network consisting of County Sound Radio, 96.4 The Eagle and Delta Radio.

In 2001 Powell became Chairman of Infinity Media which then separated from UKRD to concentrate on digital platform technologies. In October 2002, he joined RCS as Vice President of its International division.

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Neal Perchuk VP, Sales US

Neal has over 17 years experience in the broadcast technologies and services industries. Neal was Sr. Vice President of Worldwide Sales for Video Monitoring Services of America and a founding member of the AT&T Digital Media Sales Group before becoming Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Florical Systems - the leading provider of automation software to the television industry (a subsidiary of RCS). Neal, as VP Sales USA at RCS, is responsible for all Domestic sales.

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Regional Executives

Sven Andrae VP, Europe & MENA

Staying close to radio for 20 years has connected Sven Andræ to the history of European broadcasting. Once a DJ in Sweden at Radio Ryd inLinköping, he moved to Lund to join the now legendary Radio AF/P4 as DJ and Music Director. Today, that station is noted for having produced the most radio talent and radio executives across Sweden.

With a Masters Degree in Engineering Physics from the University in Lund, Sweden, Andræ spent time in the product development department at SAAB motor company. It was through studying that firm's proven approach to efficient product usage and streamlined processes through advanced technology that he mastered skills he would later bring to RCS.

Moving back to radio in 1991 Andræ joined City Radio in Malmö, Sweden. He and his station became advanced users of Selector music scheduling and Linker promo scheduling, early RCS products. Andræ's unique combination of radio plus mechanical and audio engineering came into play at City Radio. By 1992,Andræ was behind the drive to transform City Radio into an early adaptor of digital radio studio technology, becoming only the fifth station in the world to use RCS Master Control.

While a consultant at SBS (Scandinavian Broadcasting System) in the mid 90s Andræ was asked to start RCS Scandinavia. He was made VP/Europe in 2001.

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Robin Prior VP, Africa

Robin Prior is a broadcast industry veteran, involved in South Africa radio and TV broadcasting for over 30 years.

Before joining RCS in the USA, he ran his own broadcast related companies, including turnkey radio and TV station installation and systems integration companies. Prior's company represented RCS in Africa for ten years before he moved to the USA.

Prior spent six years at the RCS World Headquarters in New York where he was responsible for the Support and Installation Department as well as Product Management for RCS Master Control. During 2002 he acted as RCS's Vice President - International where his responsibilities included all RCS activities outside the US and South America.

In 2003, Prior returned to South Africa where he was became VP/Africa. Since his return he has been actively introducing Selector to new clients across South Africa and into Sudan, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya and Uganda and bringing stations into the RCS "family."

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Keith Williams VP, Asia Pacific

Keith has worked in the Australian radio industry for more than 40 years. Before he joined RCS, for the last 12 years he was on air, he held the number one ratings position for the 3pm to 6pm drive show on 2DayFM Sydney – which was the most listened-to radio station in Australia.

While at RCS, Keith Williams has pioneered many products beyond the company's core scheduling and automation software products – including AirCheck, which provides spot and music monitoring in all major Australian radio markets.

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